Europe for a Month

You haven’t heard from me for a while because I’ve been busy planning the European trip I mentioned in a past post.  In the other post, I gave you information about the first adventure taking trains from Prague–Vienna–BratislavaBudapest and it occurred to me that I could stay in Europe longer and offer a second trip to another group.  I have purchased train tickets to travel from Budapest to Munich for a few days, then an overnight train to Amsterdam for a few days.  I’ll be staying in an Airbnb in both locations.  Next, I fly from Amsterdam to Copenhagen where I’ll meet the other group for an unforgettable Scandinavian adventure!

We’ll head to Stockholm, Sweden for a few days, then to Oslo, Norway, and finally take the scenic train and boat cruise of the fjords in Norway to Bergen, where we’ll fly home.  There will only be four of us for the second portion.  I’m so excited!!

My three passions in life are photography, travel, and organizing/minimizing and all of my dreams are coming true!  I just helped an elderly couple yesterday with organizing their retirement village home and will be spending a lot more time with them.  And…my photography assignments have been coming along.  I’m still working with iSPYCINCY and have an upcoming assignment Sunday.  I answered a Craigslist ad for a Merchandise photo shoot.  My husband went with me because I was going to the man’s apartment in a new area of Cincinnati called “The Banks”.  He’s starting a business selling picture frames and wanted some lifestyle photographs of them.  Here are a few of them:

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