The Salvador Dali Museum

I took the complimentary shuttle from my Airbnb near St. Petersburg Beach, Florida to downtown St. Petersburg and then walked about a half a mile to the Salvador Dali museum.

Love the architecture of The Dali
I did a Facebook post and included this photo along with a few others from my visit to the museum and of course a few of the men liked this particular painting.
There is an interactive activity where you can type in a dream and have it depicted as a painting. My dream was that my deceased son kissed me. Not sure this depiction represented my dream.

Salvador Dali was from Figueres, Spain. Major themes in his work include dreams, the subconscious, sexuality, religion, science and his closest personal relationships. 

The admission price is normally $30, but on Thursday evenings from 5:00 until 8:00 p.m. it’s half price.

Cool Airbnb in St. Petersburg, Florida

I left home on December 5th for 10 days in St. Petersburg, Florida. Since my family has died, there’s not much for me to do around the holidays so I decided to get away for some fun in the sun.

The Airbnb I picked out is less than 2 mi from the beach and there’s a complimentary shuttle that stops a few blocks away that transports you to the beach and also to downtown St. Petersburg.

The trees in the yard are gorgeous!
The salt water pool is beautiful, although it is quite cold.
The owner of the Airbnb pictured here with her two birds.

A girlfriend joined me for 5 days which was nice. I go home on Thursday.

Sweet St. Petersburg, Russia

Here are some moments or things I found “sweet” while in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russia’s version of an Asian “Tuk Tuk”…


Brides, one Groom, and one Mother…


Because I shoot in Manual and not auto or aperture, I have to react quickly in these types of situations…


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Peterhof Palace and Gardens – truly amazing!

We visited the dazzling Peterhof Palace and Gardens on our last day in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Built by Peter by the Great in the 18th Century, Peterhof is spectacular!  The Palace was closed because it was a Monday, but we were most interested in the gardens anyway.  I had the visit scheduled on the itinerary for the previous day, but it was rainy and we definitely wanted a pretty day for our visit.

We walked 10 minutes from our lodging at Comfort Hotel to the Pier with Lions embankment on the canal where we boarded a 40 minute Hydrofoil boat to Peterhof.

Upon arrival, there is a beautiful 10 minute walk to the centerpiece of the complex, the Grand Cascade and Samson Fountain in front of the Palace.


Even with my wide-angle lens, I wasn’t able to capture the entire complex!


The gardens are also referred to as the “Russian Versailles”.


The creativity is astounding!


You can barely view the sea in the distance…


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Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia

While planning my trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, I discovered the St. Petersburg Card, which includes free entrance to over 60 of the best museums in the city, free or discounted tours, and a rechargeable transport e-purse.  I purchased three of them, one for myself and the two tour participants I was taking on the trip, and had them delivered to the Comfort Hotel, where we would be staying, to save the time spent having to walk to one of the pick-up locations.  Anyway, one of the tours is a free hop-on/hop-off canal cruise, so we took that to see the Peter and Paul Fortress.


The Peter and Paul Fortress was the first structure to be built-in St. Petersburg, therefore, its birthplace.  There are quite a few buildings,  museums, and exhibitions to explore, and the beautiful Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Russia’s oldest church and final resting place for most of Russia’s imperial rulers.


The interior of the Cathedral was sumptuous!

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