Face Your Fears…Skydive!

Back in 2008, I convinced my son to skydive with me at the Warren County Airport in Ohio.  I was nervous…but he was really nervous!  I wanted to be an example to him of someone that wants to experience life and face fears!  I believe the second photo is of me landing and my son is already on the ground.

P7130108 P7130089

It was a great experience…my favorite part was the free fall.  I kept my eyes closed while my instructor (who was attached to my back) inched us out of the plane and once out…opened my eyes and loved it!  You’ll see in the video that my son, who is 6’9″ tall, is attached to a guy that is about 5’7″!  Just click on the following link…then provide your name (you can make one up if you want) and zip code.

via Skydive Video.

3 thoughts on “Face Your Fears…Skydive!

  1. Danny in the film “Danny Deckchair”*
    accidentally inverted the experience of skydiving.

    *deck chair = Australian for lawn chair


  2. I’ve been so behind on keeping up with your posts because of my recent “adventures”. You are an inspiring example of relishing life with gusto. Kudos to you for being such a wonderful example to your son and the rest of the world. Keep up the good works – woo hoo!


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