Tambopata Rainforest in the Amazon

The last stop of my three week Peruvian adventure was the Tambopata Rainforest area off the Amazon.  After boarding a short flight from Cuzco to Puerto Maldonado, the 11 of us on a GAP Adventures tour, took a motorized canoe to our lodge.

The Lodge was much nicer than I expected!


While my roommate and I were checking out our room at the Lodge, she discovered a frog in the bathroom and kinda freaked out.

She informed the front desk, so while we were on a short hike through the jungle, they caught the beast!

One of the walls in the bedroom is open to the jungle…you could hear all of the neat jungle sounds lying in bed.  The next morning my roommate said she didn’t sleep all night due to fear.  So the second night there, I gave her one of my pills for sleeping (I have a sleep disorder) and she slept like a baby!


The next day, a few of us stayed behind at the Lodge and played games while most of the group went hiking.  I’m glad we did because we had so much fun swinging one another from a hammock bolted into the ceiling.  It got quite rough.  We would wrap ourselves as if in a cocoon and swing each other wildly…almost touching the ceiling.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and the bonus…no one got hurt!

Heading back home…

The Tambopata Rainforest in the Amazon is a real jungle!

27 thoughts on “Tambopata Rainforest in the Amazon

  1. I wouldn’t have been afraid of the frog, but not so sure about the other things that might come in through the open wall! Were mosquitos bad?


  2. Oh my gosh, you are in the middle of the jungle, eating food wrapped in giant plant leaves (which looked beautiful by the way) and she was worried about a frog in the bathroom?? Ha, it must have been a bruiser!! Great post – beautiful!!



  3. that place was a luxury compared with where I stayed in the jungle and I had to shower with two bats LOL I wonder what your roommate would have said!!!
    thing is, it`s the jungle!!! everything can happen !!!
    See you in Thailand!


  4. Hi,
    I don’t blame your roommate for being a bit afraid, I’d be worried something would either jump on the bed or even a spider or something get under the covers. 😆
    The Lodge looked rather nice actually, and not a bad looking bathroom either, I was very surprised they had a modern toilet, not something I would expect in the Jungle.
    It certainly was a wonderful holiday, with no doubt a lot of fabulous memory’s. 😀


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