Spirit Within Croatia

I fell in love with Dubrovnik, Croatia during my 2010 visit!  Surrounded by a 2 km long wall, that was built for protection, over 40,000 people call it home!

Making my way to the top deck of the cruise ship as it was docking, I was surprised to see the modern and imposing Franjo Tuđman Bridge.


Upon entering the stone town, I was captivated by the old world charm of Dubrovnik!  This gentleman is a fixture at Onofrio’s Fountain…


Once you’ve climbed the steps up to the wall…there is a walkway enabling you to completely walk around the town…and the views were astounding!



It was a hot day and I became very thirsty as I walked along the raised wall.  If I remember correctly, there were a couple of spots you could exit from the wall’s walkway.  Stopping at a vendor’s shop for a bottled water, I was informed that they didn’t take credit cards, so I waited until I finished walking around to make my way to a cafe for a quick drink.  I usually carry my own water, but I don’t recall why I didn’t have any with me that day.

It worked out well with my traveling companion, because some days we went our separate ways…did our own thing…and met up later.  Other days, we spent exploring together.  This was one of the days we were exploring on our own.


Many of the roofs were damaged during the 1991 war…but have been repaired!


The barbers allowed me to take a photo!  I love all of the things they have on display.


When you turn a corner and find a fresh farmer’s market…you feel like you’ve discovered a gold mine!


I love this guy’s smile!!



There was a spirit and a tinge of sadness surrounding some of the people of Croatia!  Perhaps it is due to the recent War…

44 thoughts on “Spirit Within Croatia

  1. Would love to meet with you if you ever get back to this part of Europe again. Exploring the Dalmatian coast and hiking Plitvice Lakes should be added to your bucket list.


  2. We stopped there on our cruise too. It is a very picturesque town! That little stone “guard shack” on the wall is identical to one we saw on the wall in Puerto Rico! Probably the same era?


  3. Dubrovnik ranks as one of the most beautiful cities I have ever beeen too. Your pictures have captured it very well. The old town was just amazing! Can’t wait for your next stop


  4. Okay, now don’t take me seriously, but I wondered what the farmer did. You said he was fresh. (You discovered “a fresh farmer’s market.”) Also I wondered if that’s electronic monitoring on the guitarist’s ankle.
    All kidding aside, the culture in these places is wonderful. I love the construction that must be a very old tradition. I like that they stick to their own style of building and don’t have all different styles mixed up in one town. Great pictures. Oh, and I can identify with your thirst problem. It only has to happen once and you’ll remember it forever!


  5. Hi,
    It’s my first real look at Croatia, it does look like a fabulous place, you got some beautiful photos from the top of the wall, really stunning. I like the idea of “fixed” musicians around, I can only imagine how the music must sound around the ancient stone buildings.


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