The “Artsy” side of Columbus

My annual girls’ weekend was in Columbus, Ohio this year and one of the places we wanted to visit was the Columbus Museum of Art.  We passed a number of beautiful churches walking from our hotel to the Museum.

The doors were simply stunning!

The weather was beautiful and sunny!

I loved the fence around the museum!

We were impressed with the museum itself!  The architecture was beautiful and their use of color and light was amazing!

This area for dining was so open, light and airy!

The “Chihuly” art was spectacular in the sunlight!  I first became aware of Chihuly sculpture while on a trip by myself to Las Vegas.

This sculpture was suspended…

This painting was a favorite of mine…

I’ve always enjoyed pieces that resemble sun bursts!

There was a design show being held at the Museum and the representatives were there to sell the pieces.  They had free drinks and food…so of course we had to partake!

Leaving the Museum, there was another photo-op!

Just loving the sky and the buildings on the walk to the hotel!

13 thoughts on “The “Artsy” side of Columbus

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  2. Love all your photos in this blog! Spectacular shots! Chihuly is one of my favorite! We have a Chihuly chandelier at our Mint Art Musuem in uptown Charlotte. When they transported it from our “old” museum to our “new” museum, they had to disassemble the 2,200 lb sculpture very carefully…..but it arrived intact and looks marvelous at our entrance to the museum. Do you remember seeing it when you came to visit me? It was at our old museum at that time. I think I may have a picture of us standing in front of it. XOXO


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