Exotic People of Egypt

Another series in my People from around the world…Exotic People from Egypt!  Why is that some men from Egypt have this mysterious and perhaps a bit of danger look in their eyes?  I find it quite fascinating!


After cropping this photo…the quality isn’t so great…but I had to include it because of how interesting this man is and his transportation!  Some of my photos of people in Egypt are a little bit blurry, because I was usually with a group of people (fellow adventurers on my 2009 G Adventures trip), walking at a fast pace, and I didn’t want to bring attention to myself, so I was trying to hurry!


I’m not sure what this shopkeeper at Kahn el-Kahlili Bazaar was thinking?


As you can see…guys wanting to sell something.  To me that was a draw back of visiting Egypt…all of the touts everywhere!  I realize they need to make money, but it was overbearing much of the time.


Beef anyone?


This is one of my favorite photos of Egypt.  I love this man’s look, the horse, and the colors!


Street Action…

DSCN1119So much for me trying to be inconspicuous!  Love the look on these young women’s faces…an air of confidence!


A peaceful photo!


Hope your day is great!  ~Sherry~

40 thoughts on “Exotic People of Egypt

  1. Thanks for bringing Egypt to me .. because it’s not a place I ever thought of visiting – nothing that appeal to me. That T-bone … great shot. Your photo are beautiful – love photo of street life .. strong, exotic and colorful. Thanks for bring Egypt to me.


  2. Great pictures, Sherry. Even the blurry-in-a-hurry photos have a story to tell. The markets are so full of wonderful wares. I’d be wanting to bring everything home, but of course that isn’t practical. I know what you mean about every shopkeeper wanting to make a sale. It does start to wear on you after a while. It’s just part of the tourism package.


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