DIY Large Photo Wall Art

If you’d like to use one of your own photos for a DIY Photo Wall Art project, Sugar Bee Crafts  has a great post to walk you through each step.  For less than $15 I was able to make a 3′ x 4′ piece of art with a photograph I took in California!  It’s hanging in my office, so I can look out the window at the woods and look on the wall at the woods!


I found the idea on Pinterest and followed the link!  It’s a great idea for photos of people also.  Next, I’d like to make some for friends!

18 thoughts on “DIY Large Photo Wall Art

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  2. That photo you made in California is truly stunning Sherry and gives it a timeless feeling, and even a look like it could have been made by Ansel Adams. It’s truly lovely. And, this tip that you tried and shared is fabulous. Thank you not only for sharing the tip and link, but for sharing yet another one of your beautiful images.


  3. Great … I have done the same with my best photos during the years with my film-eating camera. I have gone all the way .. with glass and double cords – this is a far better and cheaper idea … don’t have any more walls. Thanks for the links.


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