Easter Day

My Easter Day today was great!  My son and his beautiful girlfriend (pictured below) spent the night and after a leisurely morning with coffee and internet time, I prepared some mushroom omelets and toast for breakfast.  He’s really tall–like 6’9″–so he makes her look shorter than she is.  We attended a new church today that’s very near our house and it was quite interesting.  To give you some background.  Although my family didn’t attend church,  I attended church with a girlfriend when I was 12.  And through the years have gone to a variety of churches…all different denominations…Presbyterian, Baptist, Church of God, Methodist, Catholic, Jewish, etc.  I have my own personal beliefs, as everyone does.  Anyway, the preacher at this particular church was quite loud and full of spirit.  He was so loud on the microphone that I had to plug my ears with my fingers throughout much of the sermon (but I could still hear him).  He would start off at a somewhat normal pitch and within a few sentences of each point would be almost screaming.  He said that he knows that hell is real because on YouTube he saw a video showing a team of scientists drilling into the core of the earth and their drill bit began to wobble after they were deep into the ground.  There are only two reasons a drill bit wobbles…either it is bent or you’ve reached an area without any matter…such as a cavern.  They placed a microphone down into the hole and heard human voices screaming.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not poking fun at religion…merely repeating what I heard this morning.  Enough about that.


This is my husband Randy…


We went over to my brother’s house and had a lovely ham dinner.  I brought a homemade pecan pie cake for dessert.


We played a fun card game…


Here’s some of the gang.  I’ll spare you with the telling of names and relationships.




I’m grateful I have a nice family and a wonderful son!

Hope your day was filled with love and light!

24 thoughts on “Easter Day

  1. That looked like a lovely family gathering. It must have been a wonderful day for you. I have to say I am a Christian, raised Baptist. I studied religion in school and got familiar with most of the religions you mentioned. My theory is simple…Believe…believe in your faith, your god, your family, in what you do, in what your heart tells you, believe in something. If it was me sitting in your church today with the drilling the hole storey I would have had a hard very difficult time not laughing. I honestly do not mean any disrespect but I would have lost itl


  2. I’m almost able to imagine how happy your family that day by those pictures
    anyway i love the bouquet of tulips so beautiful.

    for me, this year i didn’t get nor paint the easter eggs as last year but
    I got chocolate from my boss 😀


  3. This was very nicely photographed and very enjoyable to know this part of your life. I would not have stayed once I heard how loud it was. I wonder what others do to help prevent their ears from hurting? I am thankful, too, for family and our gifts from above.


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