Camera Tricks

I haven’t experimented with my camera much or tried any tricks, but the other evening I had some inspiration, so I began moving my camera up or down as I snapped a photo looking at the trees and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!  I took about 20-30 shots and picked two from them.

I’d like to paint a picture of this first shot…


For this photo, I moved side to side.  I’ll call this one “Dizzy Tree”…


I really do get dizzy if I stare too long!

I’m recovering from two days of outdoor work…moving everything off of my deck, power washing the deck, front patio and house, going to Home Depot for stain and spray paint, spray painting the patio furniture, detailing my car and staining my 70′ long deck.  Whew!

22 thoughts on “Camera Tricks

  1. I like the green one a lot, it looks like a painting. You’ve opened up a whole new world of camera art for yourself there, looking forward to seeing more experiments 🙂


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