Spend a day at Caesar Creek

Caesar Creek State Park in Waynesville, Ohio has it all…boating, camping, hiking and fishing!  I’ve been visiting Caesar Creek for over 20 years now and took advantage of the beautiful day on Saturday to take our boat out for a few hours with my husband, son and his girlfriend…Ashley.


My son confiscated my sunglasses!  I think they look artsy on him!  Ignore his tattoo…he got it when he was 18 years old and doesn’t like it now.  He’s thinking of getting something put around it to change the look of it.


Justin had fun driving the boat around and we took some time to just relax, eat fried chicken, listen to music, and throw ball!  Normally, we slalom ski and tube, but the water was a bit rough.


The guys did a little fishing…


Justin acted silly for my camera addiction…


We love wildlife…


and pretty sailboats…


Time to leave…


Even the boat ramp is pretty…


Don’t you love summer!

10 thoughts on “Spend a day at Caesar Creek

  1. Sherry, where did you go in all this … summery gallery ????? So true, don’t we love the summer … *smile Happy and relaxed gallery – a family day out … of course it was Fathers Day,


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