Kissin’ Cousins

On Father’s Day this year, I visited my cousin and saw her new farmhouse in Batavia, Ohio (near Cincinnati).  She’s so much fun, is very upbeat and family is important to her!  She’s kissing her new kitten…Beau!  After discovering some mice, Ursula decided to make Beau a new part of the family.


This cutey pie is another cousin…Domenic!  He’s part Italian and going to be a senior in High School this year.


We played some corn hole…a popular Midwestern game.  They’re yelling for me to come play because I was taking so many photographs with my new camera!


This “Family” decor item was sitting on top of her refrigerator…


For some reason…I wanted a photo of the “dog house”…a small entrance into some type of shed.  I’m amazed that my new camera (Nikon D5100) picked up the light within the structure!


Here’s the dog…


And Ursula’s cute little boy…Dakota!


We went fishin’ at a pond next door to their house…


Dakota was such a good photo subject!  I asked him if he’d pretend to eat a worm.  I noticed the camera focused on his Daddy instead of him!


This is Dakota’s Uncle Tim…


And Dakota’s daddy…James…


We tried to climb a tree…


I have more fun playing with kids than adults!

8 thoughts on “Kissin’ Cousins

  1. Great photos, the Nikon is working really well for you. Did you eat some catfish? The dog has such character, strong and dignified. Love the last photo, so sweet!


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