There’s more to Memphis than Elvis

My first full day in Memphis started with a walk towards Beale Street.  These balls outside of the FedExForum are a fun photography prop…


I tried out a setting on my new camera called color sketch.  Cindy and I were cracking up because her teeth look brown in it.


Cindy and I both love alleys and paths.  They always lead to something…


Time for a different perspective of Beale Street.  Everything looks different when the lighting is brighter.  Not necessarily better…just different.


I wonder how many photographs of the Hard Rock Cafe have been taken here in Memphis.


We stopped for lunch at Miss Polly’s Cafe.  The outside is funky…


We picked the Aretha Franklin table to sit at for lunch…


Although I eat healthy most of the time…when I’m on vacation…I’ll indulge.  My fried chicken, sweet potato fries, and waffle were tasty.  I probably should have  used flash, but I thought there was enough light.


I know Elvis Presley is a big deal here in Memphis, but we’re discovering there is much more to see.  This Elvis statue is pretty though, with the flowering trees/bushes behind it.


The historic Kress building is beautiful.  It was the first of the chain of five and dime stores and opened in 1896.  It was closed in 1994 and restored to its former glory.DSC_0127

The lion on the building is interesting…


I’m saving last night for tomorrow.  See you then!

12 thoughts on “There’s more to Memphis than Elvis

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