Father & Son Photo Shoot

Since starting my photography business, Sherry Lachelle Photography, numerous opportunities have come my way!  I’ll be taking photos at a fundraiser this week, offering a family photo shoot with an 8″ x 10″ at the silent auction, and just finished a father/son photo shoot a few days ago.  I spent almost 1 1/2 hours taking photographs in a variety of poses of my friend and his son at a local park.  There were some specific poses I had in mind, but I was flexible and the setting provided inspiration for some other poses.  It was a lot of fun and also posed some new challenges.   In addition to having to work around people in the background at the park…like a yoga group, other families and couples cuddling, my friend brought his two dogs and although they are extremely obedient, we still had to move them around and be aware of their location.  His son is the cutest little boy as you can see from the photos and also very good natured and well behaved.

This first photo was one of our final shots and also one of the best…


My friend’s son had a cowboy costume, so I brought a cowboy hat for my friend.  They both look quite handsome!  I’m going to purchase Lightroom or Photoshop, so I’ll be able to take things out of photos…like the line in the sidewalk.


This hug shot is so cute…


His son’s favorite pose was with their doggies…


I love the look on his son’s face here…it’s so angelic!


This is a nice casual look…


This reminds me of a movie, but I can’t remember the name of it.


I look forward to learning more with each new opportunity!

26 thoughts on “Father & Son Photo Shoot

  1. Hi Sherry,
    Congatulations on your new venture! You’re a natural for it. By the way, if you haven’t already purchased Lightroom and Photoshop, I wholeheartedly suggest you try ACDSee Pro 6. I tried both Lightroom and Aperture and found ACDSee better for image management. And as for editing, it has completely taken over from Photoshop in my work. At a fraction of the cost. Now all I need is an ACDSee App for my iPad.
    John Farnsworth


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  3. Your talent is tremendous in bringing out the best in all you take pictures of. I loved the one with the boy looking up at his father and also, your favorite shot (the first one.) By smiling (I see your face!) all the time, you make others smile back with big, toothy grins! Whether you are dancing or walking on a volksmarch, you are always positive and pleasant. These are such great qualities for making one’s way through life, blessing others as you go.


  4. Great Shots Sherry… if you don’t mind could I recommend a great and useful book called “Photographing Families – tips for capturing timeless images” by Michele Celentano. I found this book to be extremely helpful in getting back into the swing of taking portraits and shooting family and group photos. Very practical and has all those little things you need to remember. I also highly recommend Lightroom. Its an awesome editing program. If you would like any other pointers on getting set up without spending a ton of funds feel free to email me. I recently set up my web site, a portable studio with lighting, backdrops etc. Any help you need just ask! Cheers…. Steve


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