Boogie Nights and Danny Frazier Band

Saturday evening nine friends and I had a fabulous time at Hollywood Casino’s Boogie Nights and listening to The Danny Frazier Band.  Hollywood’s PR people contacted me after reading my post about a previous evening I spent with a girlfriend at their venue and wanted to treat my husband and I to an evening out with dinner, dancing and an overnight room which we enjoyed a couple of months ago.  I was thrilled when they also offered a VIP room at Boogie nights and a sleeping room for a group of my friends and I.

Here are my gorgeous friends at the beginning of the evening…


Dee and April look so elegant!


I was like the paparazzi snapping photos of the ladies as they walked through the Casino and the hotel hallways.  I’m sure the other hotel guests enjoyed hearing a troupe of women whooping it up!

Here’s Teresa looking more beautiful than ever…


We arrived early to check-in to the hotel, primp, and have a bite to eat…


Upon arrival to Boogie Nights, Gina posed for a picture with one of the characters…


Coming down the escalator the dance floor pops!


Our waitresses had some funky costumes…


As my friends were dancing, I took a few photos from the VIP booth and loved the hula hoop lady.  I posted her photo from a previous visit onto a site called Capture Cincinnati and someone left me a comment that her name is Natalie, because they know her.  Her eyes look surreal in this photo…


 I noticed Gina, Teresa and Sherry watching the dancers…


Luckily most of us wore low heels or comfortable shoes because Hollywood Casino is really large, so we did a lot of walking, between the hotel, Boogie Nights and to see The Danny Frazier Band.

I loved the 3-d images they had on the screen behind them…


One of the band members, Greg, is our friend, so he came over in between sets…


I took over 300 photographs that evening, some really incriminating fun ones.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure!

22 thoughts on “Boogie Nights and Danny Frazier Band

  1. I love getting “primped” and dressed up! This looks like so much fun and when can we see the “incriminating photos?” This was very cool, Sherry! (And you have a friend who spells her name the same? You were in the black dress with orange details, floral design looking very attractive along with all of your friends!)


  2. You still are the only person I have ever known that didn’t get into trouble taking photos in a casino. It’s funny I was just watching a video of Jeanne Robertson (truly funny comedian) and the story was about how she got into trouble taking a picture of her and her friend in the casino. She got booted out and asked never to return again.The exact opposite happened to you.


  3. Great photos! Sherry, I just did a post about fishing but did not use names, places, etc., though I could have. Nice you got a night on the town. I love Vegas! … And fishing and so many things.


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