Hiking St. Mary’s Glacier

Located only an hour from Denver, St. Mary’s Glacier in Idaho Springs, Colorado is a beautiful hike and at 1 mile round trip is perfect if you’re looking for a shorter length hike and as an added bonus…you can enjoy a 10 mile scenic drive from I-70 to reach it.  Having spent six wonderful days in Colorado (except for having to escape Estes Park flooding), my girlfriend and I had a full last day planned before we left and flew home to Cincinnati.  We stopped at the magnificent Red Rock Amphitheater to take photos before returning later that evening for a concert and were stopping in the quaint town of Golden to have a late lunch after our St. Mary’s Glacier hike.

Here I am taking in the view on the hike…


I couldn’t stop taking photos…it was so pretty!


Although it was only a half mile hike to the glacier…at 10,000 ft. elevation and uphill, you get a bit of a work-out.


I loved this lone tree seeming to sway towards something unseen…


I remember the first time I took a photograph of a silhouette.  I was in Thailand in a cave and a friend took a cool photograph of a statue.  Here’s a tree silhouette…


Much of the time I was in Colorado I felt like I was in a comic book world…so very beautiful and perfect.  Tomorrow  we’ll see photographs from the glacier!

18 thoughts on “Hiking St. Mary’s Glacier

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  2. I like that you take someone along, capturing your image sometimes in the photos, too! We can “see through your eyes” and also see you! Captivating photographs, makes me yearn to travel some more!


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