Attending a Concert at Red Rock Amphitheater is a Must Do While in Denver

Attending a concert at Red Rock Amphitheater is a “must do” if you visit Denver or the surrounding areas!  As you can see from the photos, it’s magnificent.  Construction began in 1936 and finished in 1941.  My friend Gina and I stopped there Tuesday on our way to go hiking at St. Mary’s Glacier to take photos and check it out, even though we were coming back later that evening to attend a concert with Frightened Rabbit, Local Natives, and The Nationals.  They’re Indy bands and our favorite was the Local Natives.  I’ve seen an opera at the Santa Fe Opera House…also an amazing outdoor venue…but Red Rock Amphitheater is simply amazing!  In addition to the  scenery, the acoustics are wonderful and you can bring in your own cooler with non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.

You’ll notice people running and doing exercises during the day and it’s free to enter when there aren’t concerts.  Located only 30 minutes from Denver, it’s an ideal place to visit!

DSC_0966 2

I didn’t take my camera later that evening because they prohibit cameras with detachable lens.  At night there are lights situated to illuminate the rocks and it’s simply gorgeous.  Even the bands were commenting on how they felt honored to play there!  We had reserved seats in row 52, but fortunately a guy that works there gave us the tip that the first 25 rows are general admission (first come/first serve), so we sat in row 20 towards the middle and had an excellent view!  We made friends with the two couples on both sides of us and one of them even shared their homemade mozzarella cheese and homemade bread with us.

DSC_0971 2

At night you can see Denver’s lights and its magical!

DSC_0961 2

This is the view as you drive up.  Although the seating is hidden from this angle, it’s slanted up from the lower rock to the upper two rocks.

DSC_0932 2

DSC_0948 2

Here’s a statue commemorating the men that built it.

DSC_0954 2

When we came back that evening, people were tailgating before the concert.  I started a conversation with this girl…”Darby” and her boyfriend.  They’ve been traveling around the United States for a year and have visited all but 4 of the States.  She makes jewelry and paints.  I bought a necklace and when I asked her how much…she said whatever I wanted to give…so I gave her $12 and she seemed quite pleased with that amount.  She has a huge hula hoop (on top of the van) and let me use it.  She’s 19 and her boyfriend is 20.



It was an absolutely perfect evening!

24 thoughts on “Attending a Concert at Red Rock Amphitheater is a Must Do While in Denver

  1. I have been there to see The Moody Blues with the Colorado Symphony which was absolutely amazing. The sound resonated of the rocks–truly a blast! Also saw a group called Widespread Panic this past summer–what an amazing time! I have seen many concerts at many different venues–But Red Rocks is by far my favorite! No other place like it!


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