Make Music Denver at 16th Street Mall

16th Street Mall is a mile long pedestrian only street (16th Street) in Downtown Denver that has tons of restaurants, bars, and shops and loads of character!  Actually there are buses that are free and take you up and down the mile.  They have pianos situated at intervals in the street for anyone to sit down and play and call it the “Make Music Denver” project.  I was able to photograph a few of them.


I took two photos of the guy on the left and he looked at me for the second one.


If you’ve been following my blog for any period of time, you know I love reflection photographs, but also have an affinity for statues.  After spending a week in Colorado, I think Coloradoans have the same affinity.


I loved this guy’s tattooed arm peeking out holding his dog’s leash!


We stopped at the Yard House Restaurant to have a glass of wine on their patio and to people watch.  The hostess was really friendly and the art is cool!


When I went to the ladies’ room, the hostess was visible through this partition…I thought it would make a nice photo.


Here’s that glass of chardonnay…


We took the light rail a couple of stops from this area towards where we were staying so we only had 6 or 7 blocks to walk to our Airbnb.  It was a great first day in Denver!  Join me tomorrow for the jaw dropping beauty of Red Rock Amphitheater!

9 thoughts on “Make Music Denver at 16th Street Mall

  1. OK, you know I live in London when my first thought is what happens to the pianos in the rain? Do you know if they are covered at night or adverse weather? just curious. No point in playing an untuned/broken piano.


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