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My girlfriend and I arrived in Denver on Sunday from spending two nights in Breckenridge, where we had a great time at the Octoberfest.  It was raining, so after we got the keys from our Airbnb host to her condo near the Santa Fe Art District, we settled in and basically relaxed the remainder of the day.  She had DVDs, so we watched a couple of chick flicks and ordered pizza.  It was nice to have a chill out day after being on the go.  Monday we were ready to see Denver!  Although we were only a mile or two from the 16th Street Mall area, I had researched renting a bicycle and discovered a cool system called Denver B Cycle.  There are stations or kiosks located all over Denver where you can use your credit card and for just $8 (good for the day) rent a bicycle for 30 minutes.  If you return the bike to a station within the 30 minutes there is no extra charge.  If you return it within 30-60 minutes it’s an extra $1.00 and for each additional 30 minutes it’s $4.00.   We ended up spending $10 total per person.  I wanted to check out Cheesman Park which was about 2 miles away, so off we went.  Some of it was uphill, so we got a small workout.  We both liked having a basket in the front to store our things.  Next we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens…which I posted about yesterday.  Our final stop before turning the bikes in at the Convention Center was the 16th Street Mall area…a mile long pedestrian only area with tons of shops and restaurants.  I have a separate post about that also.  I have a few unique photographs of life in Denver to share with you here.


Not only are the Denver chipmunks friendly…so are the squirrels!


Some cool street art…


Love this bear at the Convention Center…


And the interesting architecture at the Convention Center…


There are even modern-day wizards in Denver!


Tomorrow we’ll ride over to the 16th Street Mall area!

14 thoughts on “Bike Denver

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  2. interesting you mentioned airbnb. it was only the other day I was checking some options on airbnb and was pretty amazed at the deals on it but wasn’t sure if it was a case of ‘too good to be true’. A few reviews later, where it got slammed by a lot of negative reviews, i decided not to explore it further. have you used it before and how has your experience been overall. I would love to hear



    • I’ve used it twice. The first one was great and the second one the only issue was she had a double bed and for my girlfriend and I we wanted a larger bed. She said she had a comfy couch and was going to buy an air mattress, but the couch was too short, the futon was very uncomfortable and she said she didn’t have time or the money to buy the air mattress. Other than that, it was fine. Thanks Abu!


  3. As much as I like the idea of those rent-a-bike schemes, $8/30 minutes is too much, to my mind, to really induce people to use bicycles.
    What I liked when I was in Denver were all those great bicycle paths: a very bicycle-friendly city. Btw, I bought my first “American” bicycle there, beacues it was too expensive to bring my bicycle from Germany with me every time I came over to the US.
    Enjoy Denver,


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