Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens is massive and unbelievably lush and beautiful!  My friend Gina and I were on a week-long trip in Colorado and our first day out and about in Denver, we rented bicycles and rode a couple of miles to Cheesman Park.  We were told how lovely the Denver Botanic Gardens are while asking a lady directions to downtown Denver, so we made our way over and started taking photographs.  Within a few minutes we both were wondering why there was no charge or fee to enter the gardens.  We thought perhaps since it was Monday.  Later after leaving, I researched and discovered there is a $12.50 charge per adult.  Oh well…I’ll chalk it up to good karma!

Anyway, love this building’s reflection in the pond…


This particular lily pad appeared quite artistic to me…


Here’s the lovely Gina…


A cool water feature…


A beautiful dew drop spider web…


I can’t begin to describe how large and varied the gardens were!  The trails seemed never-ending and there were spectacular groupings of flowers and plants!


As you can see, I was quite excited!




Butterfly LOVE!


Join me tomorrow as I ride from the Denver Botanic Gardens to downtown Denver, 16th Street Mall area and Larimer Square!

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