Oktoberfest Fun in Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado sure knows how to celebrate Oktoberfest!  In Cincinnati, where I’m from, Oktoberfest is serious business–given the large percentage of German heritage residents.  Just a week ago, my friend Gina and I walked a few blocks down from Beaver Run Resort, where we were staying, to the festivities.  We arrived rather early at 10:30am and by 11:00am had a dark beer in our hands.

We stopped for a few photo ops…


I was surprised at how large of an event it is in Breckenridge.  Even with occasional misty rain, it became quite crowded later in the day (double the people shown below).


These merry makers in costume posed for me …


You know me and reflections…love the clouds!


Here’s Gina with a couple of the locals.  I’ve never seen pretzel necklaces.  We were told they’re great for munching on between beers!


We met lots of fun and interesting people…


Walking back to our resort, we passed this picturesque area…


I had been to Breckenridge about 12 years ago snow skiing, so it was nice to see it in the summer/fall.  Tomorrow we drive to Denver…see you then!

25 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Fun in Breckenridge

  1. How beautiful and fun this event looks! I don’t even drink beer, but still the pretzel necklace looks like a good idea for snacking as you go! You take beautiful pictures, and the clouds-in-the-window one is really neat. You also are very photogenic, something I can appreciate since I myself usually am not photogenic at all. Breckenridge looks like a great place to visit during festival time!


  2. The couple looks pretty convincing… but I have to tell you, those things around that guy’s neck are not Oktoberfest pretzels 😉 I come from the area that hosts the real thing. Also, what’s with those tiny receptacles… no way a litre of beer fits into those!


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