Senior Graduation Photos for Sam

Sam was my third Senior Graduation Photo shoot and what a handsome guy!  His mother and I were waiting for a nice weather day and for the leaves to change some.  She called me a couple of hours before I did the shoot to see if I was available.  We only had an 1 1/2 hours of daylight so I worked fast.  I really like this one.  It’s near the end of the shoot.  The light is falling on his face, but not in his eyes and didn’t cause him to squint.


I love barns and he looks relaxed here…like he’s reaching up for just a moment.


I think this one looks better in black and white.  His jaw line looks strong.  He reminds me of a Russian spy or something.  It’s interesting how certain photographs make him appear younger or older.


I like the variety of colors and textures in this photograph…especially the red leaves and he looks quite relaxed and happy!


Love this one!  The glass on the barn is cool.


A fun one…


These were the last shots.  We had to walk about 20 feet through brush and low sticker bushes to get to the creek, but it was worth it.


I took a little over 200 photographs and we narrowed it down to about 33.  Next, I’d love to do some newborn photo shoots!

21 thoughts on “Senior Graduation Photos for Sam

  1. Great shots Sherry… watching your progression from hobbyist to professional is great… some great approaches in these shots… are you doing this with the D5100 still?


  2. Great photos, Sherry! Yes, Sam is very handsome and it’s interesting that he let himself be photographed like that. Usually most young men aren’t into photo shoots. You’re becoming quite the expert in photography! I’ve noticed your progression in the year since I started following you. Keep up the good work! Hopefully, you can make a living from it one of these days soon.


      • I think the “senior graduation photo” trend started in the early 1990s. When I reached my senior year in high school, the only photos taken were the formal ones that went into the annual. I just know most young males don’t care to pose for pictures, unless there’s a pretty female around. Then again, you’re a tall, gorgeous blonde with a great smile, so why wouldn’t Sam want to pose for you!


      • Ahh…thank you! I don’t think it was that…I think it was because his mother insisted he get the photos. Plus…all of his friends were having photo shoots also. But thanks so much!


  3. Sherry, fantastic job …. stunning photos and he are a very handsome young man. You have a future in portrait photographing. My favorite is the one with the fence – love his cheeky smile.


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