Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Looking out of my kitchen window while preparing dinner a few days ago, I realized the sun was going to set soon, so I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my gear…Nikon D5100 and tripod…and drove a few minutes away to capture it.  Our yard is surrounded by trees, so you can’t see the sunset from our home.

I parked in someone’s driveway, with a view of the top of their home in the distance, beyond a large field of corn.  The corn and sky had a nice hue from the setting sun…


The reason for my title “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates” is that I went out with the intention of capturing the sunset, but none of those photographs turned out well.  Instead, I returned with corn field photographs and the others shown below.  So…you just never know what you’re going to get in life!



I did capture the treetops painted gold by the sun and because I was zoomed in on this shot, I didn’t even notice the deer until I looked at the photograph at home!


I just started taking photography classes last night and am really excited about it!  I have a confession…I have just started shooting photographs using my manual setting in the past couple of weeks.  When the instructor looked at my photographs from the past few years on my photography website, he said it looks like I should be teaching.  So I explained why I need classes.  I’ve never even shot a RAW photo.  I want to be the best photographer I can be!

Anyway, on the short lane to my house, I stopped and set up my tripod and although the lighting was poor, was able to capture this shot using manual!


I know it looks like I live out in the boonies, but there’s a Kroger Grocery Store five minutes away.  The best of both worlds!

22 thoughts on “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

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  2. You share so much of your positive attitude with us and others! I see why the corn field, especially its brightness and the way it reflected upon the top surface in that one photograph (with the tractor included) were very good choices for your photo shoot! Always like that expression about chocolates, oh and the one about lemons!


  3. Travel Spirit, the photographs of the gravel road flanked on either side by the corn standing sentry, is exactly like the long narrow road to our farm. i love driving down that road, knowing the house will soon appear in the clearing. great pics, ty for them.


  4. You are a natural. That’s what they call it. Some of the best people in a lot of careers simply just have a natural instinct/talent and quite often don’t get any formal training or classes until later when they realize it is what they were meant to do. You are a lucky girl!


  5. Wow, those photos are just fantastic … love how you have caught the light in everyone of them .. great job. I don’t think I have taken one manual photo in my life – but I understand there is a big difference than using the auto mode, but I don’t have the patience.
    When I bought my big camera many years ago .. I went to a EOS photo course – but I never played around with the camera, but for me .. it only a bit a fun .. and I don’t have goal to be a champion – but I can understand your drive and just go for it, Sherry … you have a fantastic eye for details, structures and colors …


  6. I agree with the instructor, myself feeling I’ve learned from your past work. The purchase of the D5200 some months ago is not entirely without your influence. Doing a lot of experimenting with many setting options (and a lot of photo files) has helped me produce very satisfactory photos – with constant improvement. Thanks for your work and related articles. M


  7. I am attempting to get out of auto mode myself…. scary… but I would never have guessed you are in that same situation… your photos are always an inspiration to me.


  8. It’s very important “to saize the instant”… sometimes we need to take the time to observe what is around us.
    Stop. Watch. Savor the wonders that surround us… you did it… and these are superb fotos! 😀 claudine


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