Pole Dancing Isn’t Just for Strippers

I think most Americans view Pole Dancing as a somewhat “naughty” and “sexual” form of exercise.  After taking my first Intro to Pole Dancing class yesterday, I have to say it’s a good way to gain upper body strength and learn to be comfortable with your inner seductress.  I learned all types of filler moves…the tic toc, the snake, and others I can’t remember the names of; along with a couple of simple spins, the “fireman” and a variation of it where you point one of your legs, instead of having it against the pole.

As you can see from this photo one of the instructors/owner took of me after class, I’m not looking real “sexy” yet!  I think it’s because of the shoes.  You can see one of the teachers in the back mirror with stilettos on.  Of the four women in the room, I was the only one without high heels on.  Perhaps for the next class!


You’re never too old to try new things!

34 thoughts on “Pole Dancing Isn’t Just for Strippers

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  2. Sherry, you rock – …. I have a friend that does pole dancing too … great workout, but keep the 4” off.
    What a way to finish of your blogging year … go out in style. Thanks for 2013 and good luck with 2014.


  3. I prefer the tennis shoes or perhaps just some ankle socks…. wink wink… the next question of course is where to put the pole at your house?


  4. I have friends who do pole. Not for the sexiness of it, but for the exercise. The upper body strength and the legs are increased greatly doing it – as are the bruises lol

    It is a good thing to take up. There is also a football (soccer) team that are doing it to keep their muscles toned


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