Pole Dancing Isn’t Just for Strippers

I think most Americans view Pole Dancing as a somewhat “naughty” and “sexual” form of exercise.  After taking my first Intro to Pole Dancing class yesterday, I have to say it’s a good way to gain upper body strength and learn to be comfortable with your inner seductress.  I learned all types of filler moves…the tic toc, the snake, and others I can’t remember the names of; along with a couple of simple spins, the “fireman” and a variation of it where you point one of your legs, instead of having it against the pole.

As you can see from this photo one of the instructors/owner took of me after class, I’m not looking real “sexy” yet!  I think it’s because of the shoes.  You can see one of the teachers in the back mirror with stilettos on.  Of the four women in the room, I was the only one without high heels on.  Perhaps for the next class!


You’re never too old to try new things!

2013 in Review

Looking back at everything I’ve done in the past year, makes me realize how lucky I am.  My year has been filled with lots of life!

Exercise always plays a big part.  Not only hiking…


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