Rhinegeist Brewery Prohibition Party

Accompanied by my husband, filling the roles of Chauffeur, security, and assistant, we drove 45 minutes from our home in Goshen, Ohio, last night..during a snow storm, to the Rhinegeist Brewery in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati for their annual Prohibition Party.  This was my third assignment for iSPYCINCY and my mission was to take between 40-50 total photographs to include..event attendees (including their names), some candid shots, and shots to show the event atmosphere.  In the course of 1 1/2 hours I was able to take a lot of photographs and narrowed it down to just over 60 to send to the editor.  The challenging aspect of this assignment was trying to hear people (while the band played) as they spelled their names for me.  For some of them, I just let them write their own names.

Here are a few of my favorites.  The young lady on the right is just glowing…


Once I was home and looking through the photographs, I felt like I was back in the roaring twenties!


It was definitely a younger crowd.  But, I guess when you’re in your 50’s, a majority of party-goers are bound to be younger!  I would say about half of the crowd was dressed up.



Love the red lip stick on his face…


Great poses!


“Speak Easy and Drink Hard”


The band was called “Cincy Brass” and they did a great job revving up the crowd…


This was one of our favorite costumes/personality…


These girls want beer!


I didn’t use flash for this photo…just cranked up the ISO.


Taken from their website…”Rhinegeist is a brewery built within the skeleton of the old Moerlein bottling plant (built in 1895). Within these unique and historic walls, we brew 20bbl batches of beer that sings with flavor and delights us. The yin/yang of our brewing philosophy is hoppy/sessionable and we aim to brew beers where “the first sip calls for the third”.  We’re a small team with big dreams and tend to smile while we sweat. We brew those styles which are most compelling to our thirst and we certainly hope you enjoy our brews as much as we do.

Rhinegeist means “ghost of the Rhine”, and refers to our place here in the historic Brewery District in the Over the Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. At the turn of the century, this neighborhood was home to nearly 45,o00 inhabitants, most of them of German descent and 38 breweries. We hope to engender the spirit of camaraderie and hard work that we imagine those living and brewing in this neighborhood at that time embodied.”

I love the building and look at the colorful umbrellas hanging.  So unique!


On the way out at 11:00pm, I had to get a photo of the people in line to get in.  Can you say dedicated party-goers!


Can’t wait to see what my next assignment will be!  Hope you make it a great week!


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19 thoughts on “Rhinegeist Brewery Prohibition Party

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  3. You are a fantastic photographer Sherry!! You’ve captured the ‘spirit’ of this event! Love the Roaring 20s as much as the Hippie 60s – great for getting dressed up in clothes of the decade! The four guys are so in character!! Did you help them?

    Good job!!
    ♥ carmen


  4. This looks like too much fun! It reminds me of a party we use to have every year for Valentines Day. Every one dressed up like gangsters and gun molls and we posed in front of a cement wall with “East Side Garage” emblazoned on it. There were also pretend bullet holes and we reenacted the St. Valentines Day massacre . It was great fun.
    You have landed yourself a pretty interesting gig. I don’t think you will miss any of the fun events this year.


  5. Wow, you are getting busy … with photo jobs, fantastic … great party – great photos. Love the theme of the evening – some stunning young ladies and very handsome young gentlemen. I can see you enjoyed yourself .. in the company of them and the music. Shows in your photos.


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