Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park isn’t just for kids

Last night, my husband and my Cousin joined me for some indoor trampoline fun at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.  As you can see, we loved it.  It’s great exercise and a wonderful alternative for an adult instead of going to have a drink!  An added bonus…none of us got hurt!


We purchased 30 minutes of jumping time for $10 and the time just flew by.  My husband even had fun for a few minutes before his knees started to bother him.


Here’s a view of one of the areas…


My Cousin Joseph’s style was to jump as high as he could and mine was to try to do the splits…




We played dodge ball


Joseph had fun dunking the basketball…


And jumping into the pit!  He’s leaving for Air force boot camp in a few weeks…we’ll miss him!


It doesn’t matter how old you are…if you take care of yourself, you can have fun trying all sorts of new things!

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16 thoughts on “Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park isn’t just for kids

  1. This place looks incredible! The side tramps are something I’ve never seen. Booking one trip to Ohio! Advice if you still cherish that glass(s) of wine: be sure it’s AFTER the bouncy bouncy. M 🙂


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