Exploring Prague and the Funicular to Petrin Hill

With the Charles Bridge and Prague in the background, this solitary row-boat appeared to be quite “solitary”!


I left off yesterday having explored some of Wenceslas Square in New Town and Old Town Square.  When I presented this trip to my Travel Spirit Meetup.com, I stressed the point that we would be traveling together as independent travelers, meaning if you wanted to stay with the group you could, and if you wanted to divide off with someone else or a separate group, you could and should.  At various times during the tour, people would do that.  I enjoy solo traveling and believe it empowers people, so I encouraged others to take at least a few hours by themselves, exploring.

On our way walking to take the Funicular (Cog Railway) up Petrin Hill, we happened upon this interesting Memorial to Victims of Communism…


Once we arrived at the entrance to the Funicular, two of the ladies in my group purchased senior tickets for over 62 years of age.  The man at the gate was so rude to them.  He barely spoke English and with a raised voice was saying something about a special pass and motioning them away from the entrance.  We finally figured out he was saying they needed a special pass to prove they were over 62, so they had to purchase new tickets and didn’t get a refund for the other ones.  We noticed that many of the people in service related jobs throughout Prague weren’t very friendly, and at times just plain rude.  Perhaps it was the weather.

Anyway, here’s some of the group on the Funicular…


At the top of Petrin Hill, there was a playground, so Yong and I posed for a pic on a stretchy Jungle Jim…


Walking down the hill towards town, the dense overhanging canopy of trees made it feel like dusk…


A pretty little water feature


We were delighted when we spotted a waterfall and small pond.  If you look closely, you’ll notice a duck sitting on the large rock…


Somewhere along our walk, these guys were rushing past us, but when I asked for a photo, they acquiesced…


Tomorrow join me for the amazing gardens of Vrtbovska Zahrada!



14 thoughts on “Exploring Prague and the Funicular to Petrin Hill

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