Searching for Vrtbovska Zahrada

During the five weeks I spent researching and planning this month-long 9 country European odyssey, I saw photos of an amazing garden called Vrtbovska Zahrada.  It was under $4 to gain entry and I was determined to find it.  In yesterday’s post, we walked down Petrin Hill in search of the gardens and found it!  As you can see, it’s absolutely gorgeous!


The views were spectacular…




A wedding reception was underway within the courtyard and I captured the Newlyweds having their caricatures drawn…


A little while later I spotted the couple again and asked for a photo.  They look so “European”!  She looks a bit “tipsy”.


These next few shots were taken around Charles Bridge while walking back to the hotel.  If you’ve been following my blog for any period of time, you’ve noticed that I enjoy taking photographs of people having their portrait drawn…




Prague is definitely a “walkable” City!  A few people thought Prague was overrated after hearing so much about it, but I think the chilly rainy weather may have tainted their view.


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