Vienna’s Belvedere Palace and Naschmarkt

The final day of our visit in Vienna found my group of 11 travelers and I storing our luggage at our hotel and spending most of the day exploring Vienna!  Now that everyone had made friends and were a bit familiar with Vienna, people began to explore in smaller groups.  Because there were six solo women travelers, including myself, I switched everyone’s rooming partner each time we changed locations, so that we could get to know each other better.  One of the other ladies and I headed out to see the palatial Belvedere Palace


I didn’t know what to expect and was quite impressed!


Here’s one of my “artsy” shots…


Pretty fountain…


Next, we made our way to the Naschmarkt, which offers dozens upon dozens of eateries or snack stands where you can fill up, along with rows of fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.


Look at the variety of vinegar…


We caught a train to get to the train that took us to the cute town of Bratislava, Slovakia, located just an hour from Vienna.  See you there tomorrow!

19 thoughts on “Vienna’s Belvedere Palace and Naschmarkt

  1. I loved our visit to Vienna last year – thanks for the reminder. Lovely photos at the Belvedere – one of my favorite spots. The market was also terrific – fabulous colour, food and people. So much to see and do in Vienna – must plan another visit soon!


  2. Sounds like fun! I will be in Vienna next month and love that city. The women’s tour I was leading in the south of France finished up this weekend and I have a few days off before the next one begins. Aren’t we lucky to spend time this summer sharing these beautiful places with other travellers!!! Safe journey!


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