MidPoint Indie Summer Series at Fountain Square

The summer’s off to a great start here in Cincinnati at Fountain Square‘s MidPoint Indie Summer Series, where they have a free concert every Friday night with a variety of bands!  This past Friday night, I was on assignment for iSPYCincy and here are some of the photographs from the night.

This first photo is of a band called Frankl Project…


This dude is with the Crosstown Rivals…


I needed about 25 posed shots of people and it was a bit more challenging than usual for some reason.  Some people were hesitant to let me take their photograph.  A policeman even came up to me and asked if I was shooting for someone and when I told him who, he asked if I had credentials, which I didn’t (but I will from now on), and when I asked if something was wrong, he said some people were asking why I was taking photographs.  So when did it become illegal to take photos?  I only took posed shots of people that agreed to it.  It wasn’t even a full moon!


 The band’s drum was cool!


Another photographer was taking photographs of this model.  She was drawing quite the stares here in conservative Cincinnati…


These kids were really friendly!


What a cute couple!


Cincinnati loves it’s Fountain at Fountain Square…


If you haven’t been to the MidPoint Indie Summer Series at Fountain Square, you need to check it out!  What’s not to love with a free concert!

7 thoughts on “MidPoint Indie Summer Series at Fountain Square

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  2. Hi!! wonderful post! im the cheesy girl in gray shirt doing the peace sign and I was wondering if by any chance i could have the uncropped version of it, and if I could have it, that would be so lovely! my email is grnday1994@yahoo.com

    Thank you for taking our picture and hope you have a wonderful day!


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