Highlights of Budapest

I mentioned in a previous post, that one of the highlights of my month-long trip in Europe was bicycle riding along the Danube and stopping at wineries along the way.  The Szechenyi Baths was also a highlight for me and some of my fellow travelers.  The Szechenyi Baths were so beautiful and the thermal mineral water so relaxing, after all of the walking, lugging of suitcases, and mental challenges encountered on the trip.  In fact, some of my group went back later for round two!


 With fifteen indoor baths of varying temperature and three outdoor, you’re sure to melt away that tension!


After soaking for a while, we went back to the hotel to shower and prepare for our day’s activities.  We began with a tour of the imperial Parliament Building.  It’s the third largest Parliament Building in Europe.


The interior was stunning!  I love this red and white carpet…


Here’s a view of the Budapest Parliament Building from the Buda side of the River.  Our hotel was on the Pest side and we walked across the Chain Bridge to explore the other side.


This creative outdoor memorial to the holocaust victims, known as the “Shoes on the Danube”, is located in front of the Parliament Building to the right of it, if you’re looking at the building standing along the River.


We’ll explore Budapest’s Castle District tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “Highlights of Budapest

  1. The photographs are stunning. So different from my happy snaps of our time in Budapest last year. Shows what one can do when they know what they are doing! I am glad you enjoyed your time at the baths – you obviously had a different experience (see my “Bath Time in Budapest”) I intend to try the Szechenyi if I ever get another chance.


  2. Love all your beautiful photos Sherry! You always capture such great moments on film. I thought the picture of the memorial was very moving. Thanks for sharing!


  3. The baths are wonderful….loved it there…I did the 70 degrees Celsius sauna and the 15 degree Celsius cold dip…yay!!! So invigorating! Beautiful and moving photos


  4. Exactly my feelings too. The shoes … you know that someone once walked in them…. I guess that’s the whole idea of the memorial. Very effective. Good photos. Those buildings are sure impressive.


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