Walking Tour along Andrassy Blvd. to Varosliget Park in Budapest

It was Saturday, May 24, 2014 and my group of 11 travelers and I had arrived at the train station in Budapest, after a three hour trip from Bratislava, Slovakia.  With almost three full days to explore, our first stop was the ATM for some local currency.  I also bought a 72 hr. transport card for each of us to use for the metro, trams, and buses.


I found the Metro line that would take us within walking distance of our hotel, the Eurostars Budapest Center, and after checking into our hotel, we walked the 2 1/2 mile walking route I had developed with Google maps.  During the month I was in Europe, I easily walked 150 miles!  Our walking tour began with a stop at the New York Palace Hotel.  The lobby was quite lavish!  Two of my fellow travelers came back one evening and had dinner at their restaurant and said it was delicious!


This building is located along Andrassy Blvd. (a UNESCO desginated area) where we were walking.  The cut-outs are quite unique!


This flashy car caught my eye…


I was quite far ahead taking photographs when I turned around to capture some of the group…


We saw Heroe’s square and finished the walk at Varosliget Park.  We were surprised it had a theme park atmosphere around the castle with paddle boats in the water…


The following day we visited the thermal baths, had a tour of the Parliament Building, and more…so hope you come back!

9 thoughts on “Walking Tour along Andrassy Blvd. to Varosliget Park in Budapest

  1. Hi Sherry, Glad to hear your group managed the entire walk. When we were there last year, the weather was so hot, and since we were already two and half months into our travels we were naturally slowing down anyway, so we didn’t manage the whole length there and back. The “cut-outs” are The House of Terror, I imagine you know, but in case not . . . it is a memorial to the victims of the fascist and communist regimes. On the day we were there, the external walls at eye level were plastered with portrait sized photographs and a small biography on many of the victims. I can’t pick it up in your photograph, so I wonder now if that were a temporary external exhibition.


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