Why you should visit Cave Run Lake in Kentucky

Cave Run Lake in Kentucky is absolutely gorgeous!  My husband and I met friends there on Thursday for a few days of camping and boating.  We’ve been there before, but I didn’t remember it being so picturesque.  We used to camp a lot before we moved to the house we’re in now, but with five acres of land and trees surrounding us, we feel like we’re camping without the tent.  Camping is a wonderful way for families to enjoy the great outdoors and each other.  My son loved it growing up!  We’ve camped at many of the area lakes located within a three to four hour drive from Cincinnati…Lake Cumberland and Laurel Lake in Kentucky and Norris Lake in Tennessee, not to mention those within an hour drive…East Fork Lake and Caesar’s Creek near Cincinnati, and Brookville Lake in Indiana.  Cave Run is a little over two hours from our home, which makes it a great option.




Having just returned a few weeks ago from touring through nine beautiful countries in Europe, it struck me on this trip that you don’t have to travel far to see amazing beauty!  This gnarly tree root by the lake makes for a cool photo…


After arriving on Thursday, my husband and I set up our tent and supplies and I finished the preparations for our dinner in the crock-pot I brought from home.  It had never occurred to me how much easier it would be to use a crock-pot while camping.  I made a dish called Cowboy Casserole with potatoes, kidney beans, ground beef (I fried it before leaving home), onion, garlic, diced tomatoes, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and cheddar cheese.  Cheese makes everything better!  When we returned from boating, voila…dinner was ready.

Prepared for a day of boating, my friend Sherry is holding the boat steady at the dock while her husband parked the trailer.  We both have boats and we both brought our boats.


Here’s my husband driving our boat and Sherry’s husband Jim in the back…


There are so many fun water activities at the lake.  Tubing is one of them.  Here’s Sherry’s daughter and friend tubing…


Water-skiing is another!  Here’s Sherry’s sister and my friend…Gina…


These kayakers seem to be having a nice ride…


Relaxing on a float is another fun activity…which my husband can attest to!


Later that afternoon we were caught in a fast-moving, yet drenching rain storm.  Before we even got back to the camp site, it had stopped.  Our food was ready, so we ate and a little while later, went back out on the lake in our boat to see the sunset…



And what’s camping without a campfire?


I have to say I am happy to be home and looking forward to sleeping in my bed.

Tomorrow we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming…more of my trip to Europe!

18 thoughts on “Why you should visit Cave Run Lake in Kentucky

  1. The Cave Run Lake is beautiful in your pictures, Sherry! I have seen such lovely things in Kentucky, but my favorites of all were the caves and the Natural Bridge. I also liked a place called the Smoky Run truck stop, (I would have to check my photos to make sure I have the correct name of the place!) where one of those t.v. stars who likes to check out ‘dives’ and ‘diners’ had been there.


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