Canal Ride from Nyhavn in Copenhagen

I left off yesterday with myself and two of three (the third person’s flight being delayed a day) Tour participants I would be leading throughout Scandinavia for ten days checked into the Generator Hostel in Copenhagen.  One of the reasons I chose this accommodation was its wonderful location within a five-minute walk from the Nyhavn harbor area.  After freshening up we made our way to Nyhavn, which means New Harbor, for a canal boat tour.  When I planned the trip and presented it to possible Tour participants, I included most of the activities in their total cost for the trip and this boat tour was one of the included activities.

Here’s one side of the harbor lined with delightful and colorful restaurants and townhouses…


We needed to use the restroom (and we didn’t have to pay like we did in so many places throughout Eastern/Central Europe), so we went inside of a building located behind me as I took this photograph of the harbor area…


The moody skies framed the playful colors in the harbor area…


Our Tour Guide was very informative, but I didn’t take notes, mostly relaxed in the warm sun, listened and admired the scenery!  This is the Copenhagen Opera House


Watch your head…


It was a nice little tour.  Tomorrow we’ll visit the Rosenborg Castle and Gardens!

15 thoughts on “Canal Ride from Nyhavn in Copenhagen

  1. I got into trouble in Copenhagen – em sounds like a song title- I put my camera over a bust at the Town hall because I didn’t have a tripod. It was to take a ‘selfie’ the doorman didn’t think it was that funny! Great place


  2. I love your tour… it always fascinates me when I see buildings painted different colours and when next to each other they all seem to complement the ones next door…. do you think they plan it that way or is it just pure luck that it works out.??


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