Generator Hostel is no ordinary Hostel

In case you haven’t been following along, I began my month long European excursion in May 2014, escorting eleven people through four Eastern/Central European Countries in eleven days and all of them went back home to Cincinnati, Ohio after the trip except one…my friend Richard.  He and I went on to Munich and Amsterdam for about six nights, and flew to Copenhagen, Denmark, where we were meeting two new Tour participants.  Their flights were to arrive a bit earlier than ours, so they were to meet us at our baggage claim.  We found one of them and waited for about 15 minutes before receiving a text from the fourth informing us of her flight’s cancellation and new arrival time the following day.

Our first stop for a couple of nights was Copenhagen, then we were traveling to Stockholm, Sweden, and two Cities in Norway.  I had booked a hostel in Copenhagen, which was a new experience for me.  I’ve used, VRBO, and Airbnb, but never a hostel.  Having researched lots of possibilities in Copenhagen, I booked the Generator Hostel.  It’s not your ordinary hostel as you’ll see from these photos.

Here’s a view of the surrounding buildings while sitting on one of the outdoor patio furniture seats…


I played pool one evening in the recreational area pictured here with a twenty-something threesome and won!  Love that funky chair!


It wasn’t all twenty-somethings…some of the guests were my age!  The Bocce ball area is very nice…


Here’s an artistic wall mural…


Another view outside…


The rooms had twin beds with a bathroom.  They were small, but hey, for a hostel it was great and it was quiet!  Come back tomorrow and take a canal boat ride with me!

17 thoughts on “Generator Hostel is no ordinary Hostel

  1. I stayed at the one in Dublin couples of years back and was very happy and surprised it was a hostel. Very basic but clean and comfortable.


  2. Okay I’ll see you tomorrow for that boat ride, but I don’t want to get wet please… this looked a great place to stay and well done on showing the youngsters how to play pool…


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