A Walk in Amsterdam

On one of the three days I explored Amsterdam, I went for a walk with a few places in mind to visit.  One of them was the Amsterdam Library and the other was an island (that I had no clue where it was located) with unique modern architecture.  I set off on my adventure, asking people along the way for directions.  First, I passed the Science Center NEMO for children….you can’t see it in this picture, but they grow grass and bushes on the sloped side and people are walking on it!  When you cross this bridge, the view is cool!


This photo is out of sequence, but I thought it was cute…the girl having her photo taken by her boyfriend!


Here are another couple of canal pics I couldn’t resist putting up….



O.K…back to my walk.  In front of the library, you see this.  The library is pretty cool too and I took photos inside…but these are even cooler!


I discovered the island with unique modern architecture is called Java Eiland and is within walking distance from the library.  I think this would be a great place to live!  It’s a bit off the beaten path with a great location!


Here’s my artsy shot through the cutouts on a bridge…


We explored a lot of Amsterdam…even the Red Light District, but I didn’t take my camera there because I’d heard they don’t like you to take photographs.  It would’ve been fine so long as I didn’t take pics of the girls.  That’s it for Amsterdam…next we fly to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet our other two traveling companions!  See you tomorrow!

19 thoughts on “A Walk in Amsterdam

  1. Wonderful, wonderful shots. I was in Amsterdam, quite an experience, beautiful like most of Europe. I wrote a poem about the red light district, its on my blog…”Neon Window”. Thank you for the lovely pics and vicarious experience!


  2. I’m enjoying following your European trip a lot. What I really like with your way of travelling is that you take your time, staying in one place for a few days and not rushing from one city to another. Instead of seeing many cities but those only superficially go get to know the cities thoroughly. That’s always been my and my wife’s way of travelling.
    Have a good day,


    • Actually, it did feel rushed in a few Cities. I guess because I was gone for an entire month and was responsible for getting people from here to there. Next time I either need to go for less time if I’m leading a group, or not lead a group and then I’d be fine. Thanks Pit!


  3. No photos of the red light district… now I’m disappointed… knowing your photography I was looking forward to that… lol .. I love your canal photos… specially your arty one…


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