Washington Park Festivities

Washington Park in Cincinnati, Ohio is the happening place to be in the summer!  There’s always something going on and this weekend was no exception.  iSPYCincy had me on assignment to find out how much fun people have at a Fireworks festival and as you can see…it was a lot!


The Almighty Get Down Band was groovin’!

The Almighty Get Down Band

Lets cool off our tootsies in the water fall


This little boy found more water to play in…


Situated in front of the Cincinnati Music Hall…Washington Park is in a prime location for soaking up some culture and fun, fun, fun!


A game of Jenga anyone?


It was my job to not only capture the essence and action at the festival, but also to obtain people’s names and photographs…and here’s a cute couple from the day…

Alexandra Antonopoulos, Damien Komala

I love my job!


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