Gaining Perspective

I received a notice on my blog that someone linked to one of my blog posts entitled “Children of Africa“.  After reading their site, I felt compelled to link to their page here and I commented:

“I give monthly to “Love 146″; an organization that helps victims of sexual trafficking. I’m a very positive person, but have an underlying sense of sadness that remains despite my “good” life. I believe we’re all connected and somehow feel deep in our soul the pain that so many people endure. :(“

6 thoughts on “Gaining Perspective

  1. After spending time in Rwanda August, 2010 and visiting the Genocide Museums, the stories are unbelievably horrible. Unfortunately not confined to Africa. The Killing Fields in Cambodia produced a similar reaction for me. The DRC situation is also heart breaking. Like you, I also contribute to what I hope are effective charities, but there is still such a feeling of helplessness. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It is so sad.


    • After visiting the Holocaust Museum during my recent Washington D.C. trip, I read online that Mao Zedong of China leads the dictators that put to death the most people…78 million, compared to Hitler at 17 million. Stalin was #2 at 23 million.


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