Rock House at Hocking Hills State Park

Hiking to the Rock House at Hocking Hills State Park, these pumpkin colored mushrooms were a delightful surprise!


My friends posed for a quick shot in front of this splendid autumn tree when we pulled into the parking area…


Peering over the edge of this cliff at the forest filled with varying shades of green and blue was exhilarating …


Stopping for a moment, Evan said, “Come on Mom…let’s go!”


The Rock House interior is massive!  It’s easy to imagine how the Native Americans lived that inhabited this area in the 1800’s.


Silhouette photographs are one of my favs…


The cutouts within the rock walls are riveting…


Rock steps lead the way down…


to this leaf strewn wooden bridge…


Emerging from the trail, headed towards the parking lot, this Lincoln log structure is filled with picnic tables…


Back to where we started from…


While my friends made a camp fire, I prepared a delicious dinner of steak, sauteed asparagus, and salad, followed with a soak in the hot tub…


And S’Mores for dessert…!


Thanks for coming along on my hiking adventure!  Hocking Hills is one of Ohio’s premier outdoor playgrounds and shouldn’t be missed!

11 thoughts on “Rock House at Hocking Hills State Park

  1. I have been to the Rock House in Hockinh Hills. The water falls at Old Man’s Cave and the Cantwell Cliffs. The whole Hocking Hills are is so gorgeous in the autumn, especially.
    I just looked at older couple of your posts, Sherry. I have been to see the beautiful sights in that area, including the quirky Yellow Springs. I have also viewed Glen Helen Park, the John Bryant park and Clifton Gorge. We have a great state, Sherry. I hope you enjoyed warm climate over holidays.
    While up in Cleveland, my brother grilled steak out for my Mom and me. 🙂 Today was warm but a little gloomy and drizzly.

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