Charming Town of Fethiye, Turkey

During my four-day stay in the small town of Kayakoy, Turkey, my group and I explored the darling and picturesque town of Fethiye, located nearby along Turkey’s Mediterranean’s coast.  The whimsical umbrellas hanging between the shops were delightful!


Everywhere you look…cute and colorful touches added to the charm!


The waterfront was lined with boats ready to whisk passengers off for a cruise…


Shafts of light filtered through the canopy of enchanting umbrellas…


In the opposite direction, just before catching a bus for a ten minute ride down the boulevard, I took this waterfront photo.  I was on my way to have a massage at a traditional Hammam aka Turkish Bath, the one luxury I allowed myself on the trip.  I don’t have photos, but it was quite interesting.  Comparing it to the only other Turkish Bath I’ve had in Amman, Jordan, this experience included a lot more bubbles.  The lady who scrubbed me, had a tub full of bubbles that she covered me with before scouring away dirt and tension.


Back in town, I walked through the fish market…


Of course, there were lots of spices everywhere!


The vine-covered make-shift ceilings, in addition to the fans, kept the shopping areas cool.



Beautiful lights!!


Park benches surrounded this small park with a beautiful fountain as the centerpiece.


I fell in love with Fethiye and it’s people!

19 thoughts on “Charming Town of Fethiye, Turkey

  1. Extremely colorful, youza! How creative they are with the umbrellas. I love it! It looks relaxed, tidy and unusually pretty. Sometimes in America we forget or have lost the quaintness factor and just go overboard. Thanks!


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