Visiting the Villages of San Juan and San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Each village along the shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala has its own special essence.  The village of San Juan has lots of shops with homemade items and a variety of restaurants to choose from.  This lovely young girl with her cute baby allowed me to take their photo…


Once you’ve reached San Juan via boat, there are plenty of Tuk Tuks to shuttle you around the village inexpensively.  For 10 Guatemalan Quetzals (about $1.30) you can take one to the village of San Pedro.


Bartering is acceptable and actually expected when you’re shopping.


The village of San Juan seemed to be a bit more artsy than the others we visited.


After the short tuk tuk ride to the village of San Pedro, I asked to be dropped off at this delightful white church…


I felt sorry for these chickens tied by the legs at a street vendor…


This colorful street art was stunning…


When I asked to photograph this couple and told them they looked great, it put a big smile on their faces once they passed me…


There were lots of shops and restaurants to choose from in San Pedro as well!


Both San Juan and San Pedro are beautiful villages to visit while in Guatemala!

11 thoughts on “Visiting the Villages of San Juan and San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

  1. The mum and child are so adorable! The couple is interesting as the man looks very English. I looked this area up on Google Earth, such a huge lake high up. And the villages scattered about, a beautiful place indeed. ❤️

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    • I noticed that about the guy also…I think he is American and she is obviously Asian. Yes, I believe the lake is a mile high. I’ve been to Lake Titicaca in Peru, which is the highest lake in the world…that one is very cool also! 🙂

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