Why you should visit the village of Santiago at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala!

The Village of Santiago at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is the most culturally authentic of the villages I visited during my three day stay at the lake.  Peering down at these women doing their laundry in the lake, makes you grateful for washing machines!


This elderly lady demonstrated how she wrapped her headpiece into a hat!


Viola!  One of the ladies I brought on the trip (Jing…from China) posed for a strikingly vibrant photo with her!


While wandering from street to street, I came upon a pile of used cookware being sold.  I wonder what the lady in blue was laughing at…


We saw very few tourists while in Santiago.


The temperature was in the mid-70’s during our 3 night stay…perfect!


Some of the Mayan people can speak a bit of English and are used to dealing with tourists.


Although Guatemala is a developing country and has a lot of poverty, they definitely eat better than we do!  Their fruits and vegetables are so fresh!


These women must have some strong necks and backs!


This family was so sweet!


I absolutely loved this door to someone’s home!


The village of Santiago was definitely my favorite village at Lake Atitlan!

13 thoughts on “Why you should visit the village of Santiago at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala!

  1. I like the “they eat better than we do” words. They all look so fresh faced with a bit weathered by the sun but happy. Do they eat fish from that mile high lake? I think we can actually learn from them Sherry about eating and not having a burger n fries joint on every corner! 🙂


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