Walking Tour of Granada, Nicaragua – Part III

Leaving off from yesterday’s post of our 2.2 mile walking tour in Granada, we finished off with a visit to the Xalteva Park and Church.  Along the way we passed this shoe shine man and his customer deep in conversation…


This is the same shoe shine man, different customer, on the way back…


Iglesia de Xalteva was also quite lovely…


The surrounding park was quiet on this Saturday afternoon…


A few blocks closer to the center of town is where you’ll find the action…


I tried to google translate this street art, but it didn’t make sense.  Very heartfelt!


We walked through a section of the street market with its tin roofs and makeshift walls…


Those are awfully large avocados!


I love a man confident in pink!!


Come back tomorrow…we’ll visit a very special place in Nicaragua!!

10 thoughts on “Walking Tour of Granada, Nicaragua – Part III

  1. I see the stick figures as: the figure with the single balloon heart has found someone new and is leaving for his/her new love. The other with multiple hearts is begging him/her not to leave. Amazing photos Sherry!


  2. Maybe the words on the street art don’t make sense [I can’t help you here at all], but the image is ever so wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend,


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