Walking tour of Granada, Nicaragua – Part II

In yesterday’s post of our 2.2 mile walking tour of the highlights of Granada, we visited Parque Central, Cathedral de Granada, and the Guadalupe Church.  Today, we’ll visit the San Francisco Convent, the ChocoMuseo, and the Iglesia de La Merced.

The brightly painted carriages and architecture contrast against the crumbling concrete…


Our next stop was the San Francisco Convent.  The brilliant blue sky was the perfect backdrop for the creamy color of the Convent…



Later the next day I took a photo of the Convent from a different angle and different time of time.  The facade appears yellow in this photo…


At first glance, the ChocoMuseo didn’t appear to be that interesting (so I didn’t take any photos in the main area), but then walking back into the Hotel portion, it was filled with creative art in the form of chairs, masks, wall hangings, etc.


A few blocks away at the Iglesia de La Merced, you can climb to the top of the tower ($1 fee), and the view is fantastic!




There were bells on each side (with signs at the bottom of the steps “Do not ring the bells”)…it was tempting!  In the distance you can see the tall yellow steeple…that’s the Iglesia de Xalteva aka Xalteva Church, which is our next stop tomorrow.


Some rooftops…


Inside the church…


Granada has so many beautiful churches and everything is close together!

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