Walking Tour of Granada, Nicaragua – Part III

Leaving off from yesterday’s post of our 2.2 mile walking tour in Granada, we finished off with a visit to the Xalteva Park and Church.  Along the way we passed this shoe shine man and his customer deep in conversation…


This is the same shoe shine man, different customer, on the way back…


Iglesia de Xalteva was also quite lovely…


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Walking tour of Granada, Nicaragua – Part II

In yesterday’s post of our 2.2 mile walking tour of the highlights of Granada, we visited Parque Central, Cathedral de Granada, and the Guadalupe Church.  Today, we’ll visit the San Francisco Convent, the ChocoMuseo, and the Iglesia de La Merced.

The brightly painted carriages and architecture contrast against the crumbling concrete…


Our next stop was the San Francisco Convent.  The brilliant blue sky was the perfect backdrop for the creamy color of the Convent…



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Walking tour of Granada, Nicaragua

My group and I were picked up by private shuttle in San Juan del sur early on the morning of Saturday, February 27, for the 1 1/2 hour transfer to Granada.  We dropped off our luggage at the beautiful “La Gran Francia Hotel”, located right in the heart of Granada, and I led my group on a walking tour.  The first thing we saw were these colorful horse and buggies lined up around the Parque Central (Central Park).


The Parque Central is a lovely place to sit on one of the benches under a shade tree and people watch!  This statue translates to, “Mother of all, devotion and love”.


There were also outdoor dining areas…


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