Panama City, Panama…Not what I expected

I find it interesting what our preconceived thoughts/images of a country or city are, or sometimes we have no idea of what to expect.  I knew Panama City, Panama would have high-rise buildings and palm trees and hot weather…



and beautiful flowers…


friendly people…


I led my group on a subway ride from our hotel a few stops to visit the Casco Viejo or old town section of Panama City.  We had to make our way another 10-15 minutes by foot through a very poor section.  These vultures tearing through a smelly garbage dump were both fascinating and repulsive.


Although there had been much poverty in Guatemala and Nicaragua, the poverty here seemed different.


Finding art where hope is elusive…


Once in the Casco Viejo area, the architecture was beautiful…


and colorful…


The streets clean…


With three days to explore Panama City, I was hoping to feel the pulse of the City!

15 thoughts on “Panama City, Panama…Not what I expected

  1. Unfortunately, throughout most of Latin America, the gap between affluent and impoverished is much wider than here in the U.S. Every major metropolitan area has its downtrodden sections, alongside some artistic areas and upper class (often gated) portions. Beverly Hills, California, for example, is just around the corner from East L.A. But you’d think you were in two completely different cities miles apart. In Dallas, Kessler Park looks so much different than the surrounding Oak Cliff area, which has had a reputation as rough, dilapidated region since the late 1960s. I know your own photos of Cincinnati changed my opinion of a city I’d always viewed as no more than a dying industrial cesspool.

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  2. Not a good introduction if you need to go through the poverty section. They need to upgrade their tourism agenda… unless specifically intended to show the contrast – Love the photos. M 🙂


  3. My wife enjoyed the old city of Panama last spring, but I don’t yhink she went through those very decrepit and poor quarters to get there.
    Have a great week,


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