Exciting Day Trip from Panama City, Panama to the Jungle

If you’re planning a trip to Panama City, Panama, it wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Jungle!  I found an excursion through a company called JungleLand Panama that picks you up at your hotel, drives you to a small boat for a transfer on the Panama Canal through Lake Gatun to a privately owned lake house, where a delicious lunch and cold beverages await!    After lunch, there were a variety of fun activities to choose from.  Jumping into an ice cold river, which by the way felt wonderful, on a hot day!


Here are the others I brought on the trip…



Laying around in hammocks relaxing…


Here’s a view of the lake house from a kayak…


On the boat ride to the lake house we stopped at various places to see alligators and monkeys.  Captain Carl (seen feeding a monkey here) gave everyone an un-shelled peanut and some banana to feed to the monkeys…




Back at the lake house, we had fun holding a rather large boa-constrictor…



Here’s Jing paddling away in the front of our kayak…


It was an all day adventure and lots of fun!  We were split into two separate small boats and on the way back through the Panama Canal, our boat ran out of gas.  The driver barely spoke English and didn’t have a phone to make contact with anyone.  Another boat came along 5 minutes later and gave us some gas.  My only other complaint was that Captain Carl seemed a bit burnt out on what he does.  He said he’s been doing this for 13 years.  Sounds like he may need a change of scenery. 🙂  I would still recommend the trip…loads of fun!

9 thoughts on “Exciting Day Trip from Panama City, Panama to the Jungle

    • I googled it…Mud acts in the opposite way from water — it reflects red light more than blue. So muddy water looks brown. Peat dissolved in water absorbs almost all the light that touches it – so a lake full of peat may look black. The biggest influencers are: floor, depth, and microorganisms of the body of water.


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  2. When I looked at the first photo, my very first thought was “What about the alligators?” Glad you survived that refreshing dip and didn’t become alligator snacks. What kind of snake is that you’re “wearing”?


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