Tallinn’s Architecture

We arrived to Tallinn, Estonia’s harbor after a 2 hour ferry ride from Helsinki on June 21st and took a taxi to our Airbnb.  The taxi ride was quite odd because initially the taxi driver said he knew where the address was (which was only about 1.5 miles from the harbor), but then drove past it and when we spoke up and said we think he passed it, he assured us he was on the right path.  A few minutes later, he realized his mistake and took us back to the Airbnb.  I told him I wasn’t paying any extra for his mistake and he didn’t try to cheat me.

There was also a mix-up with the Airbnb host, but she eventually arrived and gave us a partial ride to a grocery store located 15 minutes walk from the lodging.  The Airbnb was in a great location, within walking distance of Old Town.  We were spending three nights here, so after returning from the grocery, we explored Old Town Tallinn and its amazing architecture!


According to Wikipedia: Estonia was founded in 1248 but the earliest human settlements date back to 3000 years BC, making it one of the oldest capital cities of northern Europe.  Often dubbed as the Silicon Valley of Europe, it has the highest number of startups per person in Europe and is a birthplace of many international companies including Skype.  In 2011, the city was a European Capital of Culture.


Some of these photos were taken the following morning when I went out exploring on my own…


This quaint house is near the Kadriorg Palace and Park, which I’ll go over in my next post!


We had perfect weather again…in the low 70’s and sunny!



I felt like I was transported back to Russia when I saw the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral


The sky was quite unusual and beautiful…


On my walk back to the Airbnb, this whimsical lawn sculpture caught my fancy!


Tallinn was one of my favorite cities in Central/Eastern Europe!  I read an article just yesterday about the U.S. sending more troops to the Baltic countries to beef up the military in case Russia decides to try and take over these countries.  I certainly hope not.  Why can’t countries/people just be happy with what they’ve got and stop trying to take, take, take!

12 thoughts on “Tallinn’s Architecture

  1. Oddly, just yesterday before reading this post, I goggled “Estonia” after news reports of possible Russian interests in the Baltic States, some using the term “saber-rattling.” In the wake of Crimea and Ukraine in general; and recent rhetoric from one of our presidential candidates concerning Vladamire Putin, I was surprised to see Estonia as one of your visits. But, more than surprised, intrigued with your experience and overview of what was (I believed) a relaitiely obscure travel destination. Looking forward to more. M 🙂

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    • That is coincidental! I had never heard of Estonia until I purchased a onesimcard phone to use internationally, back about four years ago. It came with an Estonian area code. I believe I have two more posts about Tallinn before moving on to Riga, Latvia. 🙂

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  2. Hi Sherry,
    something like that – a taxi driver not really knowing where to go – happened to us in Berlin last October. He dien’t even know where the (world)famous Pergamon Museum’s entrance was! And to top it all, when he finally stopped to let us out, a tram crashed into the taxi! Nothing serious happened, only some dents and scratches on both tram and taxi, but still quite an experience.
    Have a great weekend,

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