Kadriorg Palace & Park

Kadriorg Palace was built in 1725 by Russia’s Peter the Great for his wife Catherine I.  When Estonia gained its independence in 1919, the Palace became Estonia’s Art Museum in 1921.  During World War II, Germany occupied the Palace and then the Russians.  Finally, in 1991, Estonia became independent once again!

After years of renovation, the Palace was reopened in 2000 displaying foreign art.  The Palace, gardens, and park are lovely!

We walked over 2 miles from our Airbnb to the Palace…


There are plenty of park benches to relax on and enjoy being in nature.



The Palace is quite colorful and we had another beautiful day for sight-seeing!



This vine-covered tunnel was fun to walk through and to photograph!


The Palace’s interior is bright and cheerful!


Kadriorg Palace and Park is a wonderful place to visit while in Tallinn!

15 thoughts on “Kadriorg Palace & Park

  1. May I suggest you have missed on a very big part of the ‘Kadrioru loss’ history: for most of the years of the first independence period it was exclusively the home and oft work place of the Estonian President, Konstantin Päts, and during the time of The German occupation it filled the same role for Litzmann, the head of Government at the time. Although I live in Australia I am well-and-truly Estonian-born . . .as my father was prominent in the government during the Independence I oft went with him to the castle for Cabinet meetings and the like . . .it was a lovely, sunny place with a very welcoming atmosphere. [this post was sent to me by a dear blogfriend who I believe is subscribed to you!]

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    • Yes, I had read about that, but wanted to keep the post short. There is so much history surrounding the places I visited in Europe and I’m just trying to give a quick overview and display my photos. If people are truly interested in the complete history of a place, they can look at Wikipedia or other sources for that. Thanks for stopping by though! 🙂


      • My humble apologies for a ‘return visit’ – may I suggest that there would not be ONE Estonian-born or of that heritage in Estonia or living later anywhere in the big, wide world who would agree with your priorities . . . all the best . . . oh, I do not mean to be ‘narky’ but ‘loss’ means ‘castle’ not ‘palace’ – at least get your facts correct!!


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